Snapshots: Don’t Tell Dena

Photography by Cody Ingram

Type by Niels Poetry and Prints


Shot on location at Plaza Walls.

Thanks to mural artists Virginia Sitzes & Denise Duong for the public art pictured.

Check out the new Don’t Tell Dena album, Cautious Optimism, wherever you buy or stream music online.

Cody Ingram
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Cody Ingram is an Oklahoma City-based photographer, saw player, treasure hunter, and all-around freelancer. He also creates and performs original music as Blue Valley Farmer.

Niels Poetry & Prints
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Niels is a writer by day, and a researcher-in-progress also by day (and sometimes night). When she isn’t doing typewriter poetry gigs or scribbling over an Americano, she can be found working on her degree in a lab, at a desk, or – most diligently  –  in front of Spotify Discover.

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