Jarvix’s Big 50

Jarvix’s Big 50 is a countdown of the best local Oklahoma music of the year according to Make Oklahoma Weirder’s own Evan Jarvicks a.k.a. Jarvix.

In an effort to spread the year-end love to a cross-section of both new and established talent, the Big 50 is comprised of three separate lists: the Top 10 Singles of the year, the Top 20 EPs of the year, and the Top 20 LPs of the year.

Music releases are chosen within certain guidelines**.

This is a great place to start for newcomers to the Oklahoma music community, so pick a year and dive in!


** 1. Generally speaking, only releases with a majority of new, original music is considered. Some exception may be made for live recordings.

2. Only artists based in Oklahoma at the time of recording are eligible. Oklahoma natives that move away to establish themselves in other places like Nashville and the Pacific Northwest will always be Oklahoma artists, but these lists do not consider them to be local.

3. The line between EPs and LPs have blurred in recent years, so unless the artist specifies a format, releases that fall in the middle will be judged at the writer’s discretion.

4. To curb bias, any music in which the writer has had a significant role is off the table. (i.e. Jarvix can’t say that the new Jarvix album is the best music of the year)