Behold, over a dozen playlists drawn from original music created in the state of Oklahoma! Curated primarily by Elecktra Stanislava with some input from Evan Jarvicks.

Dig It! Tape Case

A sampler of the local cassettes we currently have for sale at Dig It! in the Plaza District (the ones on Spotify, at least)

Factory Obscura Local Feels

A sampler of the local cassettes we currently have for sale at Factory Obscura‘s Mix-Tape experience in OKC’s Automobile Alley, each based on a different emotion in the art space’s mascot band known as The Feels.

Jarvix's Hot Dog! Song of the Week

A collection of every song Evan Jarvicks has featured in his Hot Dog! Song of the Week segment for Nobody’s A Nobody Podcast with Mike McVey (provided it is on Spotify)

By Season

Spring Singing

Summer Songs

Autumn Audio

Winter Waves

By Theme

Love You, Pho Real

songs of affection

Road Trip

songs for the road

Gardening Gems

heavy sounds for heavy machinery

Spooky Samhain

halloween-themed tunes

High as a Kite

420 in the 405/918

Diamonds in the Ruff

a playlist for your doggo


Hype songs to lift you up on leg day

New Releases by Year

Local music for days, literally





Jarvix's Big 50

Choice cuts by year, as handpicked from the Jarvix’s Big 50 series of year-end reviews.





Elecktra's Favorites

Choice picks by year chosen by Elecktra