Snapshots: Special Thumbs

Photography by Cody Ingram

Type by Russtic Typewriters


Shot on location at & near OKSea.

Check out the new Special Thumbs album, So Who Do You Know?, at or wherever you buy music.

Cody Ingram
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Cody Ingram is an Oklahoma City-based photographer, saw player, treasure hunter, and all-around freelancer. He also creates and performs original music as Blue Valley Farmer.

Russtic Typewriters
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Russtic Typewriters is a vintage typewriter shop and repair service based in Oklahoma City. It is owned and operated by Cody Russ, who also happens to be a well-regarded acoustic singer-songwriter.

One thought on “Snapshots: Special Thumbs

  1. This is awesome! My band, Deadweek would love to have the opportunity to do something like this with the Make Oklahoma Weirder team.

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