A Message from our C.E.W. (Chief Executive Weirdo):

Hello human person! Thank you for visiting the website! I am Evan Jarvicks, and this is Make Oklahoma Weirder! I hear exclamation points are for getting people excited!

Oklahoma is a lot cooler than people think, especially when it comes to music! I love to tell people about Oklahoma music of all styles!

I hope you find this website helpful in finding new music to love and support! I put a lot of work into telling you about it!

Thanks again for visiting!!

Signed, Evan Jarvicks!

Our Mission

Founded in 2018, Make Oklahoma Weirder is an independent online multimedia platform dedicated to covering original local music in the state of Oklahoma. Using a written blog, a YouTube channel, social media apps, and a forthcoming podcast, Make Oklahoma Weirder covers and curates local artists and music events through original content. Though M.O.W. has a soft spot for weirdos, it eagerly welcomes all genres, from new bands in the smallest underground spots to nationally recognized talents.

The content of Make Oklahoma Weirder aims to be professional, positive, and engaging. Whether through reviews, interviews, or news updates, M.O.W. prioritizes understanding and representing the music community.

This mission starts first and foremost with an open mind, a focused ear, and a level of dedication only a weirdo would commit to.

Behind the Name

Some people have said that OKC has the potential to be the next Austin, TX, but truth be told, that’s not what “Make Oklahoma Weirder” means, exactly.

Before this platform existed, Evan Jarvicks (a.k.a. Jarvix) devised this catchphrase for his own music. Though it’s a derivation of “Keep Austin Weird,” it was meant to serve as a philosophy for his music to inspire locals to love and share the weirdness in themselves.

However, once he started making merchandise using the phrase, he found that this idea was bigger than his own music. People connected with the concept without having even heard of him.

Thus, Make Oklahoma Weirder was reborn as a new movement to be shared with the rest of Oklahoma’s music community.


The first Make Oklahoma Weirder logo designed by Matt Raney

About Evan Jarvicks

This is Evan

In 2015, Evan Jarvicks was afforded the opportunity to write for Literati Press, a local publisher. Given the freedom to cover whatever he wanted for its online blog, he turned to covering local music. As an outsider musician himself, he wanted to provide a place that would not bow to cliques, popularity, or business interests. He also drew inspiration from an online magazine called Oxford Karma, which folded earlier that year.

This led to him working for Cellar Door Music Group the next year, where he quickly became the Managing Editor of the music blog and eventually was granted partnership alongside founder Jennifer Maynord. For the next two years, he built a reputation for his insightful writing and willingness to cover a wide array of music. Cellar Door ceased operations in 2018.

While picking up odd gigs like writing band bios, working for Red Dirt Report, and even being published in The Oklahoman, Jarvicks began to formulate a new platform that would become Make Oklahoma Weirder.

Jarvicks also records and performs under his nickname, Jarvix. Since picking up the ukulele in 2011 and cutting his teeth on live performances in 2014, he’s worked his way to becoming one of Oklahoma City’s premier solo artists known for his looping pedal arrangements and fun stage shows. This has since led to him opening for acts such as Tune-yards, That 1 Guy, and Grammy-nominated Trout Fishing in America.

The artist(s) featured in our banner header is:

Naturalist (alternative/post-hardcore band), photo by Sean Carr

Sativa Prophets (hip-hop collective), photo by Sean Carr

Labrys (solo rock project), photo by Dylan Johnson

All photos used with photographers’ permission