If you like what Make Oklahoma Weirder is doing, we’d love to have your support!

This can be as simple as telling your friends or sporting one of our “Make Oklahoma Weirder” stickers (for sale at Dig It in the Plaza).

If you want to do even more, we have some ways you can support us financially. Send us a quick PayPal donation at the button below, or check out the following options!



Patreon is a crowdfunding platform that uses a monthly subscription model to allow patrons to support independent creators directly. Think of it like a Kickstarter, except that instead of funding one big project at one time, it serves to fund arguably smaller projects that are being created constantly, every month.

Like with Kickstarter, Patreon also uses reward tiers to thank patrons with single-use or monthly gifts for their support. Make Oklahoma Weirder has a handful of fun rewards available for you should you decide to support us, and you can cancel at any time. To learn more, visit or hit the button below!


We have cool t-shirts, buttons, stickers, etc. for sale! Get them in person at Dig It in the Plaza District, or customize your own items with our designs at TeePublic. We commission designs from local artists, so by helping us, you’re also supporting the visual arts community. Past collaborators have included Edgardo George, Clint Walkingstick, and Matt Raney. We like to source our merch production locally, too, so helping us helps stimulate the economy in a meaningful way as well. We do business with Lettering Express, Metro Pins, and Liberty T-Shirt Printing, among others.


Have a show coming up? Get featured in the middle of our Show Recommendations page and on our front page for just $5/week! Looking to promote a new single or album? Rent some adspace! Starting at $5/week per ad. Contact us at for more details.

Are you a local business owner? Make Oklahoma Weirder is currently seeking sponsorships for new content. This can be as simple as renting some ad space or as integrated as hosting a video at a business location. These opportunities are especially negotiable. Email for more info.

**Note that we will not accept sponsorships from any parties we consider to be ethically unfit for our platform. (In layman’s terms, we don’t do business with known abusers and bigots — discriminatory behavior goes against our very mission of inclusiveness.)