Video Premiere: “Ain’t Nothin Better” by Golden Ones

With full-throttle, electric performances, Golden Ones amplifies the dazzling edge of rock ‘n roll with a fresh burst of adrenaline.
That’s right. This has nothing to do with OKC’s Anthem Brewing Co. or its popular, similarly named beer. Rather, Golden Ones hails from Tulsa and is a rock band that has been making significant waves in the live music scene there over the past year. Featured performances at Misfest and Cain’s Ballroom have solidified the quartet as an up-and-coming act to see, and even The Dallas Morning News cited the group as a sign that Tulsa is “happening.” That’s pretty impressive for a band without any studio material…until now.
 “Ain’t Nothin Better” is Golden Ones’ debut single, and it coincides with a glammed up new music video, both of which released today at the stroke of midnight. Take in the both visually and sonically loud video for “Ain’t Nothin Better”, below.

From the opening verse, Golden Ones’ powerhouse lead vocals firmly grab the listener’s attention and don’t let go on “Ain’t Nothin Better”. When backed by the boisterous drums and guitars, this makes for an incredibly dynamic listen, but that isn’t all.

The song’s concept is about riding a high of blissful, radiant infatuation with a significant other, and those inescapable vocals serve to further this lyrical idea. The subject of the song must be a damn fine individual, the performance implies, and one whose attention is well worth holding.

As the first lead single to the band’s upcoming debut album, “Ain’t Nothin Better” gives fans plenty to rock with while waiting for release day. By keeping the lyrics short and sweet, the hearty 4:40 runtime affords plenty of space for riffs, choruses, and guitar solos to beef up the experience beyond the average lead single.

Like the song recording, the music video sets subtlety aside, going full blast with a set and lighting that drenches everything in hot pink and glitter. It looks and feels just like candy, and it helps reinforce the band’s bold, fun, and sexy image while playing up the glam rock influences that take a prominent role in Golden Ones’ artistic DNA.

In addition to establishing a signature style, the video also does a fine job conveying what a live Golden Ones show is like. That’s important for a group that has made its name on such performances but has not ventured much outside of Tulsa yet. In fact, the band’s Oklahoma City debut was just last night at ACM@UCO Performance Lab in Bricktown.

There are already a few more shows slated for Tulsa in the coming months as the quartet ramps up to its album release, so be sure to catch one at this exciting juncture of the band’s career. Details can be found in the promotional poster below.

It’s common knowledge that glitter is prone to getting all over the place and is hard to clean up, but in the case of Golden Ones, this is the kind of party indulgence that rock fans won’t mind lingering after the show is over. It’s shiny and extravagant, and when in front of a spotlight, it’s clear that it was destined to dazzle.


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