Track Premiere: “The Devil in the Details” by NeoRomantics

Less than a year after its well-received 2018 EP, Homecoming, Tulsa alternative rock band NeoRomantics is back with a new single that, fittingly, lingers in the transitive place between what has been established and what has yet to come.

The band’s spotless performances and introspective themes are all present in “The Devil in the Details”, which released today to all major music platforms and can be streamed at the Spotify link below.


At a dramatic tempo, distorted guitars and thick drums search and implore, but not aimlessly, as pop-worthy lead vocals steer the song forward toward inner understanding.

The verse/chorus structure lays out the song’s central conflict, but it’s the irresolute bridge that proves to be the most bittersweet part. Layered voices begin to restlessly echo the chorus like thoughts tumbling in a distant dryer. The track soon ends on a spacious lead guitar that pleads in rapid high notes, blurring together at last into sustained tones of blue acceptance.

In spite of its woeful themes, the song is cleanly performed and engineered, with nary a prickle to be found. The guitar distortion is neatly contained, and the vocals are pristine. As modern popular music continues to hold onto its taste for clean-cut production while skewing towards the melancholy, it’s not hard to see why NeoRomantics resonates with its growing fanbase.

Audiences can catch this song and others on the band’s upcoming regional tour, which kicks off next month. More details can be found at the poster below.

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