Jarvix’s Top 10 Oklahoma Music Videos of 2020 (+ 5 more)

In January, I wrote a guest article for KOSU Radio / The Spy counting down my picks for the top 10 music videos made and released by Oklahoma-based artists in 2020. Read it here.

Usually, our YouTube channel makes a playlist of these choices, but this year, we added a countdown video, which you can watch at the embedded player below.

I also included five honorable mentions here for the first time.

The artists, videos, and directors featured are:

Top 10

  1. Aaron J. Morton – “Yesteryear” (dir. Aaron J. Morton)
  2. Jabee – “Clic” (dir. Francie Ekwerekwu)
  3. John Calvin Abney – “Showing Up Late” (dir. Samantha Crain)
  4. Artivists of OKC – “Unity OKC” (dir. Kyle Van Osdol and Tiffany McKnight)
  5. Swim Fan – “Tell Me What U Want” (dir. Rahul Chakraborty)
  6. The Imaginaries – “Revival” (dir. Reagan Elkins)
  7. Deezy – “Doin’ Thangs” (dir. Nicole Allen-Fisher and Imageline Studios)
  8. Thomas Who? x Sid Carter – “Postmortem” (dir. Terrell Mayes)
  9. Alyse – “Shoot My Shot” (dir. Aaron Art)
  10. Outline in Color – “Alibi” (dir. William Barber)

Honorable Mentions

Check out our full YouTube playlist here:

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aka Jarvix, the Chief Executive Weirdo of Make Oklahoma Weirder. His out-of-the-box music coverage has been published by the Oklahoma Gazette, KOSU, and The Oklahoman among others. He also makes DIY music as a solo multi-instrumentalist live looper in his spare time.

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