Back to My Roots: An Interview with Original Flow

Our Chief Executive Weirdo, Evan Jarvicks, caught up with the one & only Original Flow earlier this year at his annual “Back to My Roots” show. The event, which takes place at The Root in Oklahoma City, brings music, food, and community together in a night that holds personal significance to Original Flow and his band, the Fervent Route. It’s an opportunity to give back to his fans and to remind himself what’s truly important in music and in life.


Charming, positive, and wise beyond his years, Original Flow is one of hip-hop music’s best kept secrets.

Our Chief Executive Weirdo, Evan Jarvicks, caught up with him at his Back to My Roots show in his hometown of Oklahoma City. Back to My Roots is an annual show that he describes as a chance to champion core community values while checking in on his own mental health and perspective going forward. The event brings music, food, and community together under one roof.

Watch the interview at the YouTube video below. Heads up – it gets pretty deep.

Video shot & edited by Sean Carr for Make Oklahoma Weirder

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