Tree and Leaf to Wrap Free Summer Concert Series This Sunday

Sunset Cassette Music Series w/ The Ivy & Haniwa
Tree and Leaf
1705 NW 16th St.
9:00 PM, Sunday, September 17

Tree and Leaf doesn’t just foster the arts community. It fosters the community through the arts. Since its inception, the street-styled print company has been a major force in keeping Oklahoma City’s Plaza District engaged with its neighborhood, and that’s no exception with its latest project.

Its Sunset Cassette Music Series is a free, outdoor live music series that has literally taken place in Tree and Leaf’s back yard over the past couple of months and will conclude this Sunday. All are welcome to jam out by the stage or sit back and listen from the provided lawn furniture. For those of drinking age, local beer is available from co-sponsor Anthem Brewing to complement the series’ easygoing evening vibe.

The collaboration doesn’t end there, as local music specialists Burn Tapes and 46 RPM were also brought in to curate the lineup as well as to put together a commemorative cassette tape. The Tree and Leaf Sunset Cassette features two songs each from all eight acts playing the series, and to sweeten the release, Sativa Prophets’ own HuckWheat and Rodrick Malone host the tape with fun commentary and skits between tracks.

This Sunday, September 17th, will be the last of the series’ four concerts and will go out with a flourish of dreamy indie pop from local bands The Ivy  and Haniwa. Note that this particular show will start at 9 pm instead of 8 pm to avoid overlapping with Tower Theatre’s open house. The other six acts that have performed are The NghiemsRouseyBowlsey, Sativa Prophets, Astral Planes, and GWIZ (the last of which filled in when Cosmostanza had to drop). This diverse roster, which includes sounds of alternative rock, hip-hop, and pop music, is one of many ways that the Sunset Cassette Concert Series is designed to bring people together.

To stay up to date on all Tree and Leaf events, which extend to many other art forms and communities, follow the store’s consistently updated official blog.  Also be sure to grab a cassette tape from Tree and Leaf’s store in the Plaza District. With its unique presentation and sampling of curated local music, it’s a great way to experience current tunes from some of Oklahoma City’s best bands.

This article was originally written for Cellar Door Music Group ( It is archived here with the publisher’s permission.

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