Orange Sunshine – Midday Static Review

If music is meant to transport the mind and soul to another place and time, then leave it to Tulsa electronic act Midday Static (formerly Midnight Static) to show his listeners the way to the little oasis he’s crafted on his debut LP, Orange Sunshine. As the title suggests, it’s an album designed to be relaxing and positive and this is proven even further by visually descriptive track titles like “Kaleidoscope Sun,” “Synthesized Dreams,” and “Summertime Skyline.” He knows exactly where he wants to take the listener.

This is an instrumental chillwave record through and through. Between the peppered-in vinyl crackles and the retro synth sounds, Orange Sunshine is clearly meant to give off a throwback feel. Normally, one might expect an album like this in modern times to be entirely drenched in reverb, but there’s a welcome show of restraint on that front. The steady drum beats have a clarity that keeps the music from drifting too far into the subconscious as the soft, breezy melodic textures float into the sky. While each track adds its own mid-tempo groove to the mix, in the end, they all still swirl together like a distant memory of a summer’s day at the beach, and that’s not a bad thing.

The supply and demand for this kind of music will probably predestine Orange Sunshine to go unregarded by most audiences, especially given that there are no lyrics of any kind. It aims more to be an atmospheric backdrop, and though its ambitions feel safe within the chillwave/dreampop genre, it’s very well executed. Midday Static displays some fine tonal chops for a full-length debut. This effort has proven that, with a good map, he can pinpoint exactly where he wants to go.

Orange Sunshine is currently available as a free download on Bandcamp, so if you’re looking for some positive, laid back mood music or just something to play in the background while working, it comes easily recommended. You might just come back with a few tanlines.

This article was originally written for Literati Press ( It is archived here with the publisher’s permission.

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