Album Review: Scatter Girls! by Scatter Girls!

What Scatter Girls! lacks in melody the band makes up for in awesome unintelligibility. There is something powerful in the way lead woman Olivia Woodall’s voice peaks through the gruesome feedback and rapid-fire drums. 

Previously a party-playing live band, Scatter Girls! has transitioned into the challenge of recording its unwieldy sound. The group explores new realms of abrasiveness on its latest release, a self-titled 7” produced in collaboration with Tulsa Noise, Cult Love Sound Tapes, and Peyote Tapes.

The six songs on this record are short; none of them reach the 2-minute mark. Throughout, there is a juggling of focus between three key components: drums, vocals, and noise/guitar. The three pieces act as characters, each stepping forward into their own spotlight on different songs.

In “Song For Harley”, drummer Noah Beal’s showcases his speed. The drums act as an engine, exploding like meteors behind Woodall’s wailing. On “Another Cig”, it is Natty Gray’s noisy guitar that rises to prominence. Then, in “Art House Mural Party”, Woodall’s shouting and breathing form the rhythmic anchor, guiding the listener through the depths of sound. 

A stand-out on the 7” is the last song. Unlike the other tracks, “On The Porch” starts slow and quiet then builds to a turbulent vortex before returning to calm. The arc of sound gives this song more shape than the others, allowing the listener more time to strap in before the ride begins. “On The Porch” also differs in that a clear guitar riff is sustained throughout the song, catching breaths of air when it isn’t engulfed by a wall of noise. The riff is simple and almost beachy in tone, but it grounds the listener in the otherwise chaotic music.

This 7” is a fast but intense listen that is not for the weak of heart or un-christened ear. If while listening, you feel like you’re drowning in the wild waves, grab onto Woodall’s voice. It is the ultimate lifeboat in this frenzied Scatter Girls! self-titled release.

Scatter Girls! released today on 7″ vinyl (with cover art by Belle Rose & Olivia Woodall) at the official Cult Love Sound Tapes Bandcamp merch page. You can also get it digitally from Bandcamp or wherever you listen to music online. 

Tune in to the Cult Love Sound Tapes Instagram page tonight at 8 pm for the album release celebration livestream, and for future updates, consider following the Scatter Girls! Instagram account while you’re there.

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